16-Ultra Series Subwoofers

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The Ultimate Reference Standard for Bass Has Arrived.

Reference SVS subwoofers set the standard for bass with effortless low frequency extension, massive output and pinpoint accuracy and speed in transients. Featuring three game-changing innovations: a robust 16” driver with unprecedented 8” voice coil, 1,500 watts RMS, 5,000+ watts peak amplifier with fully discrete MOSFET output and groundbreaking new SVS smartphone app for convenient DSP and control; the 16-Ultra Series are the ultimate reference standard for bass.

EISA Award - Best Product 2017-2018

User Reviews

Win G. Reviews the PB16-Ultra

"Buy a PB16 for a lifetime of great music and movies. All the hype... it’s real. Plug this beast in and enjoy the thunder"- Win G.

Tony M. Reviews the SB16-Ultra

"Incredible bass. Soft and gentle when you want it. If you want to shake the building, it will do that also."- Tony M.

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Press Reviews

Home Theater Review Honors PB16-Ultra as “Best Overall ”

“For rich, powerful, room-filling bass with undeniable physicality, you can’t go wrong with SVS’ flagship ported sub. Incredible accuracy and dynamics for a...

Home Theater HiFi Honors PB16-Ultra Earns with Exclusive “Bad-Ass Product Award”

“Windows rattle, floors creak, foundations other than those in the building where my lab is located shudder. My wife could feel it in the main house which i...

Soundstage Reviews SB16-Ultra

“One of the biggest, baddest, best sealed-box subwoofers you can buy. Includes a modern feature set to ease installation, has output capability to spare for ...

Home Theater Forum Reviews SB16-Ultra

“Flat in-room response down to 15Hz. Bullet-proof construction, which goes far beyond any consumer driver I’m aware of, from any manufacturer. Not once have ...

Digital Trends names SB16-Ultra "2020 of the Year"

“We’ve had the SB-16 Ultra in our testing chambers for many months now — not because we’re too lazy to move it out, but because we haven’t found anything wor...

Two Tech Guyz Review the PB16-Ultra

“Incredible that is ported but still exhibits the characteristics of a sealed subwoofer, with control and speed. With the PB16-Ultra, hearing is believing. O...

PanTheOrganizer (YouTube) Reviews Dual PB16-Ultra s

“Soul-shattering bass. Absolutely outstanding, it completely changed my movie-watching experience. Build quality is flawless and they are massive in sound. ...

Dtown Reviews the PB16-Ultra

"This subwoofer kept surprising me again and again, he just didn't give in, he was present, contained and accurate. What makes him so good is the fact that h...

Enjoy the Music Reviews the SB16-Ultra

“Setting up the SVS subs was easy and fun. I could feel the sub-sonic tones on the surface of my exposed skin, but I could swear I could feel my loose shirt ...

Dagogo Reviews the SB16-Ultra

"I can kick myself for being so stubborn all these years, these decades about my feelings towards subwoofers. It was my long-held contention that subwoofers ...

Stereophile Names SB16-Ultra as a Class A "Recommended Component for 2018"

Stereophile magazine, the leading voice for audiophiles in the U.S., recently announced its “Recommended Components” for 2018 and honored the SVS SB16-Ultra ...

SpareChange Reviews the PB16-Ultra (Youtube)

"It can slam you hard in the chest or gently move the hair on your arms. For a subwoofer of this size, it handles transients amazingly, almost like a sealed...

SB16-Ultra Receives Audio Magazine's "Recommended Product" Award (Germany)

"The SB16 Ultra trembled the room – powerful, focused and long breath. An enormous amount of power for manageable money."

SB16-Ultra named "Best You Can Buy" by Digital Trends

"It’s our favorite subwoofer ever, built to excel in any and all circumstances. Offers everything you could want in a subwoofer – high-end power, impressive...

Positive Feedback Reviews the SB16-Ultra

"I could really feel and hear every bit of nuance the artist intended. The bass lines were just endless, and there wasn't a task too large for the SVS SB16-U...

Stereoplay (Germany) Reviews the SB16-Ultra

"They’re one of the few speakers that do everything well…rare combination of good sound quality and affordability. Great treble response, smooth mid-range a...

The SB16-Ultra Receives AVTech Media's Best Award

"For an authoritative and largescale sub-bass experience to accompany your movies, SVS’s mightily impressive SB16-Ultra is an essential audition. A newly des...

Sterophile Reviews the SB16-Ultra

"Pitch-perfect, detailed, fast bass, and enough power to function in my large listening room. Reproduced the deepest notes with mass and solidity. No muddyin...

SB16-Ultra earns 2017 CE Pro BEST (Best Electronics Systems Technologies) Award

PB16-Ultra Receives the European Imaging and Sound Association's EISA Award

"This sub is insanely good… and two of them? Off the charts! I can’t speak highly enough of the sub’s integration offerings, especially when used with softwa...

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The ultimate sealed subwoofer for the finest home theaters and HiFi systems.

$ 2,299.99

Shipping will resume March 8th.

  • Driver | 16"
  • Amplifier | 1500 watts RMS (5000+ watts peak)
  • Freq. Response | 16-460 Hz ±3dB
  • Dimension | 20" (H) 19.5" (W) 20.1" (D)

$ 2,299.99

The ultimate ported subwoofer for the finest home theaters and HiFi systems.

$ 2,899.99

  • Driver | 16"
  • Amplifier | 1500 watts RMS (5000+ watts peak)
  • Freq. Response | 15-280 Hz +/- 3 dB (standard mode)
    13-280 Hz +/- 3 dB (extended mode)
    14-360 Hz +/- 3 dB (sealed mode)
  • Dimension | 25” H X 21.7” W X 30.9” D

$ 2,899.99

The new 16-Ultra Series are the biggest and most powerful SVS subwoofers ever built and the culmination of all SVS engineering advancements, but that’s only part of the story.

SVS designed a completely new driver, amplifier and cabinet, scrutinized every design element and pioneered 3 game-changing subwoofer innovations to achieve unprecedented output levels, extreme low frequency extension, near-perfect frequency response accuracy, and pinpoint transient response.

One of these innovations would’ve made the 16-Ultra Series an engineering tour-de-force, but the combination of 3 subwoofer firsts and all new driver, amplifier and control platforms propel the SB16-Ultra and PB16-Ultra into the pantheon of all-time great audio products.


Massive All New 16” Ultra Driver with Unprecedented 8” Edge Wound Voice Coil.


Stunningly Powerful 1,500 Watts Continuous, 5,000+ Watts Peak Power Sledge Amplifier with Fully Discrete MOSFET Output.


Groundbreaking New Subwoofer Control and Bass Management Smartphone App for Apple® and Android® Devices.


Massive All New 16” Ultra Driver with Unprecedented 8” Edge Wound Voice Coil.

16” Driver with Record-Breaking 8” Edge Wound Voice Coil

To handle the crushing power of a 16” driver, SVS designed a massive 8” edge wound voice coil, the largest ever deployed in a consumer subwoofer. This innovation ensures ultra-low distortion and pinpoint control at the highest drive levels resulting in incredible output and low frequency extension, with accuracy in frequency response and speed in transients.

World-Class Driver Materials and Technology

Four of the heaviest toroidal ferrite magnets used in a consumer subwoofer generate unprecedented levels of magnetic force to drive the highest levels of excursion, SPL, and low frequency output. Cone material is a rigid but lightweight fiberglass resin composite that never flexes and conveys subtle and room-shaking low frequency effects with equal aplomb.


Stunningly Powerful 1,500 Watts Continuous, 5,000+ Watts Peak Power Sledge Amplifier with Fully Discrete MOSFET Output.

Fully Discrete MOSFET Output from Highly Efficient Class D Sledge Amplifier

Robust 64 Amp 200-Volt MOSFET’s provide the sonic muscle behind the astonishingly powerful 1,500 watts continuous, 5,000+ watts peak power amplifier with fully discrete output. MOSFET output offers far superior power handling and tighter control when compared to the integrated circuit output stage found in nearly all other Class D subwoofer amplifiers.

Sophisticated Analog Devices Audio DSP with Active Power Correction

Effortless power must be harnessed to ensure refined behavior and pristine output at the most demanding drive levels. The 16-Ultra Series subwoofers use the audio industry’s most advanced Analog Devices Audio DSP to handle the nearly limitless power so the perfect amount of low frequency energy is released at just the right time and just the right frequency. To ensure a steady flow of power, the amplifier uses an active Power Factor Correction (PFC) regulator to smooth input current to a clean and steady 360V DC, while using 30-50% less current than a subwoofer without PFC.


Groundbreaking New Subwoofer Control and Bass Management Smartphone App for Apple® and Android® Devices.

Subwoofer Control and DSP Is Easier and More Convenient than Ever

The 16-Ultra subwoofer app is the most powerful bass management and subwoofer control app ever developed and the easiest way ever to adjust volume, crossover frequencies, parametric EQ, polarity, room gain and all other DSP functions. It also features convenient custom presets for one-touch tuning in any room or system, from your favorite seat.

Bi-directional feedback shows adjustments in real time on both the app and subwoofer interface and Bluetooth connectivity allows control, even when the subwoofer is out of sight.

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An Engineering Tour de Force

SB16-Ultra Exploded view