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Transcendent Sound for the Modern Audiophile

When SVS set out to design a second generation of wireless audio products, our engineers were not content with creating the best sounding wireless audio gear. We challenged ourselves to set the bar with products that compete with the finest sounding speakers and wireless integrated amplifiers available at any price.

With this philosophy, Prime Wireless Pro was born. Convincing, immersive sound are coupled with versatile connectivity choices, simple set-up, and a user-friendly control interface. The future of HiFi is here.

AVSForum - Top Choice 2022 Award
Soundstage - Product of the Year Award 2022
HIFI Maailma - Suosittelemme Award
CES - Innovations 2022
EISA - Best Product 2022-2023
Cedia - 2022 Best of Show

Press Reviews

YouTuber ‘Joe N Tell’ Reviews Prime Wireless Pro Speakers

“Overall, these wireless speakers do everything extremely well. Not only do they produce amazing sound quality and output, they’re very easy to setup and con...

YouTuber ‘AV Nirvana’ Reviews Prime Wireless Pro Powered Speakers

“For wireless powered bookshelf speakers, they’re very versatile, extremely well built and produce crystal clear sound. All of the amazing connectivity optio...

Home Theater Review Honors SVS Prime Wireless Pro Powered Speakers with, “2023 Editor’s Choice”

“An audiophile bargain, offering luscious sound, intuitive usability, and a ton of ways to connect both wired and wirelessly for a potent all-in-one sound so...

ON-Mag (France) Honors SVS Prime Wireless Pro Powered Speakers with “Top Audio 2023” Award

“Considering the combination of build quality, features, and performance, it is hard to imagine that you can get a better subwoofer at its price point. A gre...

AV Forums Honors SVS Prime Wireless Pro Powered Speakers with “Best Buy” Award

“SVS has catered to just about every streaming and connectivity whim that audiophiles, movie junkies and casual listeners could wish for. Bold, immersive so...

YouTuber ‘Youthman’ Reviews Prime Wireless Pro SoundBase

“Simply put, the Prime Wireless Pro SoundBase is an incredible high-resolution streamer. It’s very easy to use, has a hefty amplifier to power most speakers...

HT Guys Review SVS Prime Wireless Pro SoundBase

“The first wireless adapter I’ve reviewed that has not only excellent range, but also decent frequency response. When used as subwoofer connection, I did no...

Soundstage Reviews SVS Prime Wireless Pro SoundBase

“This thing delivers more power than most people need in most rooms. Frankly, it whipped the snot out of any soundbar I’ve ever installed. SVS has got one h...

TechHive Reviews SVS Prime Wireless Pro Powered Speaker Pair,

“Sonically rewarding, well featured and handsome, the SVS Audio Prime Wireless Powered Speakers Pro is a new-age, two-piece audio system ready and able to s...

Stereophile Reviews SVS Prime Wireless Pro Powered Speaker Pair,

“Versatile powered speakers capable of unabashed performance, I don't think you can go wrong with the SVS Prime Pros. As far as I'm concerned, these newcome...

Soundstage Honors SVS Prime Wireless Pro Speakers as “2022 Product of the Year”

“On its own, the Prime Wireless Pro is a dynamite little two-channel system. Add SVS’s 3000 Micro subwoofer, and you’ve got a killer compact 2.1-channel set...

Secrets of Home Theater and HiFi Reviews SVS Prime Wireless Pro Powered Speakers

“An excellent sounding, full-featured complete system. Plug it in and there is nothing else to buy. Support for every wireless protocol, and control from a ...

YouTube Creator ‘Ealan Osborne’ Reviews Prime Wireless Pro SoundBase

“At 150 watts per channel, the Prime Wireless Pro SoundBase can power Bookshelf, Tower, Center or Surround speakers with ease and is versatile enough to int...

YouTube Creator ‘Shane Lee’ Reviews Prime Wireless Pro Powered Speakers

“Extremely versatile speakers with phenomenal, detailed sound that are ideal as a soundbar replacement, 2 channel or desktop solution. High-end design and f...

YouTube Creator ‘Cheapaudioman’ Reviews Prime Wireless Pro SoundBase

“Thoroughly impressed with the performance and innovation of these wireless speakers. Not only are they very easy to use, they work with a whole range of st...

YouTuber ‘AV Rant Podcast’ Reviews Prime Wireless Pro Speakers

“Incredible feature set improvements for what I consider very versatile powered bookshelf speakers. A great solution for 2 channel stereo listening or movie...

Digital Trends Reviews Prime Wireless Pro Speakers

“Produces highly musical sound beyond what any soundbar can do. The output left us stunned and completely blown away. Prime Wireless Pro is THE ticket.”

Hifimaailma (Finland) Honors SVS Prime Wireless Pro Powered Speaker Pair with “Recommended” Award

“Clearly the most advanced pair we tested (KEF LSX2, Mission, System Audio Air9.) Bass is the best in this group, highs are well balanced and soundstage wor...

Soundstage Honors SVS Prime Wireless Pro Powered Speaker Pair with “Editor’s Choice” Award

“I can imagine many use cases for this system. With its built-in network streamer, the Prime Wireless Pro is a self-contained music system. It’s a great cho...

AVS Forums Honors SVS Prime Wireless Pro Powered Speaker Pair with “Top Choice 2022” Award

“Setup on these speakers was effortless. Offer more bang for your buck compared to other options in the same price range. With the quality sound these speak...

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Prime Wireless Pro Powered Speaker Pair
Breathtaking wireless sound from a powered stereo speaker pair. SVS Prime Wireless Pro delivers immersive, reference quality sound via a vast array of connectivity choices with a user-friendly cont...

$ 899.99


$ 899.99

Prime Wireless Pro SoundBase
Smart wireless integrated amplifier brings speakers into the future of immersive sound with effortless power, stunning dynamics and pristine clarity, a vast array of connectivity choices and a user...

$ 699.99


$ 699.99


Major updates across the board were made from the first generation Prime Wireless Speakers. Physically, the SVS Prime Wireless Pro Speakers have a larger cabinet and larger woofer (4.5” to 5.25”) with lower system acoustic tuning so the powered speakers deliver deeper bass and greater dynamic output.

o Also significant was the addition of Apple Airplay 2 for iPhones/iOS and Google Chromecast Built-In for Android and other devices which allow CD-quality wireless streaming without needing to access the Play-Fi app. The Pro version still has supports Hi-Res over WiFi, and includes Spotify Connect and Bluetooth. For hardwire connectivity, Prime Wireless Pro now features an HDMI with ARC/eARC input to go with line level, optical, 3.5mm Aux, ethernet, and a subwoofer output.

o Lastly, an IR remote was added to expand control options and the front panel interface was revamped with pushbutton custom presets for instant access to favorite playlists, stations etc as well as an LED display that shows input status as well as artist and track information.

Compared to conventional passive speakers, the best wireless speakers offer more versatility and typically are an all-in-one package that don’t require separate amplifiers or source components to function. Control is generally handled through a smartphone app, remote, or via voice commands. And because many only require power connections without speaker wires, no additional wiring is needed making them easier to set up and giving them more flexibility in terms of placement.

Yes. With emerging wireless formats like Apple Airplay 2 and Chromecast for Android, the best wireless speakers can produce CD-quality sound streaming directly from smartphones and other devices. Leveraging a home WiFi network enables high-resolution streaming from services like Qobuz and Tidal. Many powered wireless speakers also feature inputs for HDMI, analog line level and more so you can direct connect devices and listen at full fidelity. All of this combined with advanced engineering has allowed solutions like the SVS Prime Wireless Pro Powered Speakers to produce reference quality sound as good or better than conventional wired speakers.

WiFi speakers are connected to your home internet network and enable streaming at a higher bitrate for better sound quality because of the greater bandwidth allowed via WiFi. Bluetooth speakers are connected or paired directly to a device such as a phone, tablet, or computer with a more compressed audio signal.

Not exactly, although it is possible for a wireless speaker to have smart technology. Smart speakers are typically wireless with built-in internet assistants such as Alexa, Siri or Google Assistant that can be controlled via voice command. Many wireless speakers like the SVS Prime Wireless Pro Powered speakers, can function with smart devices and be controlled via voice commands or streaming music apps, while having the added benefit of better overall sound quality from bigger cabinets, more powerful amplifiers, and better designed drivers.

Yes. When a subwoofer cable is connected to the Prime Wireless Pro Speakers, the speakers will engage a 80Hz High Pass Filter on themselves. The subwoofer output will always be full range and rely on the receiving subwoofers filters to blend with the speakers. Disconnecting the subwoofer cable will disengage the 80Hz High Pass Filter on the speaker and the speaker will return to full range output.

Yes. The Play-Fi app will show all Play-Fi products for multi-room playback as long as everything is on the same wireless network. That means you can mix original SVS Prime Wireless products with the new Prime Wireless Pro and all will show up together in the Play-Fi app with the ability to group together or in different zones.