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One Subwoofer to Rule Them All. SVS Obliterates Expectations. Nothing Else Comes Close.

SVS subwoofers stand alone as the reference standard for bass. All SVS subwoofers effortlessly produce the lowest frequencies at the highest output levels while maintaining pinpoint accuracy and speed in transients, and blending seamlessly with all speakers. Music, movies and TV shows become more convincing and every audio experience takes on an added energy and feeling with SVS anchoring the low end.

SVS makes a variety of ported and sealed home subwoofers to fit every room, audio system and budget. Our Sound Experts are available 7 days-a-week to help you choose the best powered subwoofer based on your personal set-up and listening preferences.


SVS President Gary Yacoubian explains the 5 things you should listen for when choosing a sub woofer for your home theater or HiFi system.

Home Theater Review - Editors Choice 2022
Home Theater Review - Best Subwoofer of the Year 2022
Sound & Vision - Top Pick 2021
Soundstage - Product of the Year Award 2021
Audioholics - Product of the Year Award 2021
AVForums - Editors Choice - Best Home Cinema Subwoofer - PB-2000 Pro
HiFi Magazine - Recommended
AV Forums - Editor's Choice - 2020 Best Subwoofer Solution
HiFi Test -  Product of the Year 2021
AVTech - Media Awards 2020/2021 - Best Subwoofer - SB-2000 Pro
Stereoplay - Highlight - 2020-11
HiFi Choice - Recommended Award
The Master Switch - Editor's Choice Award
EISA - Best Product - 2020-2021 - Home Theatre Subwoofer - SVS SB-2000 Pro
Heimkino 2020 Outstanding Product Award - SB-2000 Pro
Heimkino Highlight 2020 Award
Heimkino 2020 Outstanding Product Award - PB-2000 Pro
AVTech Media Awards 2019/2020 - Best Subwoofer
Consumer Technology Association - 2020 Smart Home Division Mark of Excellence Winner
Sound & Vision - Top Pick 2019 Award
Audioholics - Product of the Year Award - 2019
Consumers Digest - Best Buy Award
Stereophile - Product of the Year: Editors Choice
SoundStage Network - Product of the Year Award
CES - 2020 Innovation Award
HiFi Test TV HiFi - 2019  Reference Class Award
HiFi Test TV HiFi - 2019 Highlight Award

User Reviews

Dave H. Reviews the SB-2000

"Amazing that so much good sound can come from a smaller box. It has enough controls that integrating it into a system should be straight forward. And the qu...

Donn B. Reviews the SB-2000

"The SB-2000 hits hard, deep, and does so musically and with an effortlessness that makes me break out into a stupid grin every time I listen to music or wat...

Eugene Reviews the SB-2000

"I love the these subs. The bass is tight and floor shaking."- Eugene.

Matt N. Reviews the PB-1000

"Every movie I play now is like the first time experiencing it. I hear things I've never knew existed in the audio track. Every sound is so subtle but I HEAR...

Chad K. Reviews the PB-1000

"I have never felt a room shake like this before. I purchased two of them and the sweet spot never ends. They deliver the most hard hitting, smooth clean bas...

Anthony F. Reviews the PB-1000

"Absolutely blown away by the pb-1000 shipping was extremely quick my ears have never been happier"- Anthony F.

wros Reviews the SB-1000

"One of the best purchases made for my system. You will not be disappointed - every bit as advertised, a little monster in a box. Tight/punchy with great ran...

Joey G. Reviews the SB-1000

"Its perfectly suited for my needs, hits hard and very clean bass. Its especially impressive in handling quick, successive, hard-hitting bass notes"- Joey G.

Frederick J. Reviews the SB-1000

"Great sub, tight, fast, musical. Very pleased with this purchase. Highly recommended."- Frederick J.

Trevor T. Reviews the SB-1000

"A serious upgrade brings new life to my music with very tight loud bass. Really fills in the low end of my music. Customer service was great."- Trevor T.

Robert G. Reviews the SB-1000

"Easy set up, great for small room, delivers the punch to the music. Love the adjustments to fine tune the sub. Quality product produced by SVS."- Robert G.

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Press Reviews

YouTuber ‘Home Theater Gamer’ Reviews PB-3000

“An exceptionally well built ported subwoofer that hits very hard and left me thoroughly impressed. Whether it’s configured in a movie, music or even gaming ...

Future Audiophile Reviews SB-1000 Pro

“Audiophiles won’t find many sealed subwoofers in this price range that offer the combination of a 12-inch driver, 325 watts of power, and the ability to go ...

Secrets of Home Theater HiFi Places SB-3000 in “Recommended Gear 2023”

“Considering the combination of build quality, features, and performance, it is hard to imagine that you can get a better subwoofer at its price point. A gre...

HiFi Sound Enthusiast Reviews SB-1000 Pro

“Impresses in performance. Tight and responsive with very impressive impact. This subwoofer is compact, easy to tune, and just elevates the musical experie...

Veteran Reviewer Reaps Major Benefits with SVS SoundPath Isolation System

“I found the SVS isolation system to not only help the speakers produce tighter, more defined bass, but I thought the speaker’s imaging had improved, along w...

Mania Reviews SB-4000

"Reproduces extremely convincing bass: deep and clear, energetic in movies, and natural in music. Looking at the capabilities and design of the SVS SB 4000, ...

TNT Audio Reviews Dual SB-2000 Pro s

"Astounding value, very responsive and transparent sound. The app can control multiple subs quite easily, well done! Brought my system to a whole new level."

Thomas & Stereo (YouTube) Reviews Dual PC-2000 s

"This fantastic subwoofer exceeded my expectations. The subwoofer control app is a god send. It has pure room rattling power and delivers a great experience ...

Home Theater Review Honors 3000 Micro with “Editor’s Choice” Award

"The magic of these subs has always been getting the most “depth” from a small footprint…A subwoofer for audiophiles and bass head theater enthusiasts combin...

AVSForum Reviews the PC-2000 Pro

"The magic of these subs has always been getting the most “depth” from a small footprint…A subwoofer for audiophiles and bass head theater enthusiasts combin...

Home Theater Review Honors PB-2000 Pro As “Best 12-Inch ”

"Astonishing output with deeeeep low-frequency extension down to 16 Hz. Features run the gamut: 550 W (1500+ peak) Sledge amplifier with fully discrete MOSFE...

HiFi Chicken Reviews the 3000 Micro

“The 3000 Micro surprised me. The amount of bass you get out of such a small subwoofer is impressive. Not only how much bass you get, but how clean and clea...

Tone Audio Reviews 1000 Pro Series s

“Incredibly good subwoofers. Extensive listening, with many different speakers proves them to be musical and of high quality. These are the easiest subwoofe...

Soundstage Honors 3000 Micro with “Product of the Year” Award

“Performed remarkably well for its size—and looks great. And SVS’s app is very useful. I was wowed by the bass extension, slam, and low-frequency detail thi...

Sound & Vision Honors 1000 Pro Series as "Top Picks of the Year"

“Best-in-class. Deep, powerful, quick, and punchy, would easily recommend both models…Impeccable!”"

3000 Micro Receives Home Theater Review's "Best of the Year" Award

"A technological tour de force. It is the most badass small subwoofer you can buy. Impressive, tight, accurate bass from an enclosure measuring only 10.9″ x ...

Home Theater HiFi Honors PB16-Ultra Earns with Exclusive “Bad-Ass Product Award”

“Windows rattle, floors creak, foundations other than those in the building where my lab is located shudder. My wife could feel it in the main house which i...

Guias de Compras reviews SB-1000

“Es tan nítido, preciso y ágil que, de nuevo, no había escuchado nada igual con anterioridad…Reproduciendo frecuencias tan profundas que llegan hasta los 24h...

Residential Tech Today Reviews PC-2000 Pro

“The PC-2000 instantly stair-stepped the sound quality in our surround setup. It was absolutely mind blowing. I’ve never had an experience like this with a s...

Qobuz Reviews 3000 Micro

“Incredible performance! Whether you're rattling the foundations with serious bass or adding some fullness to your setup, it's hard to see how you could not ...

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1000 Pro Series

Reference performance hits an all-time low with the 1000 Pro Series. Includes all-new 12-inch high-excursion drivers, 325 watts RMS, 820+ watts peak power amplifier with discrete MOSFET output, 50 MHz Analog Devices DSP, and the SVS subwoofer control smartphone app for advanced tuning and control.

SB-1000 Pro
Unrivaled slam and impact with pinpoint accuracy from a compact 13” cabinet.

$ 599.99

  • Driver | 12"
  • Amplifier | 325 watts RMS (820+ watts peak)
  • Freq. Response | 20-270 Hz ±3 dB
  • Dimensions | 13.5" (H) 13" (W) 14.76" (D)

$ 599.99

PB-1000 Pro
Heart-pounding bass to 17Hz. Easily outperforms larger, more expensive subwoofers.

$ 799.99

  • Driver | 12"
  • Amplifier | 325 watts RMS (820+ watts peak)
  • Freq. Response | 17-260 Hz ±3 dB
  • Dimensions | 18.9" (H) 15" (W) 20" (D)

$ 799.99

2000 Pro Series

Complete reimagining of the most popular SVS subwoofer models of all-time. 2000 Pro Series subwoofers feature 12-inch high-excursion driver and 550 watts RMS, 1,500+ watts peak power amplifier with advanced DSP tuning and smartphone app control.

SB-2000 Pro
Most popular SVS sealed subwoofer for stunning output, depth, and musicality.

$ 899.99

  • Driver | 12"
  • Amplifier | 550 watts RMS (1500+ watts peak)
  • Freq. Response | 19-240 Hz ±3 dB
  • Dimensions | 14.6" (H) 14.2" (W) 15.6" (D)

$ 899.99

PB-2000 Pro
Most popular SVS ported subwoofer for chest-thumping output to 17Hz with accuracy and control.

$ 1,099.99

  • Driver | 12"
  • Amplifier | 550 watts RMS (1500+ watts peak)
  • Freq. Response | 16Hz to 290Hz +/-3dB (standard mode)
  • Freq. Response | 17Hz to 290Hz +/-3dB (sealed mode)
  • Dimensions | 20.9" (H) 17.3" (W) 23.6" (D)

$ 1,099.99

PC-2000 Pro
Deep, effortless bass with unique cylinder cabinet designed to save floorspace.

$ 1,099.99

  • Driver | 12"
  • Amplifier | 550 watts RMS (1500+ watts peak)
  • Freq. Response | 16Hz to 290Hz +/-3dB (standard mode)
  • Freq. Response | 17Hz to 290Hz +/-3dB (sealed mode)
  • Dimensions | 34.34" (H) 16.6" (W) 16.6" (D)

$ 1,099.99

3000 Series

Breathtaking output and extreme low frequency extension with accuracy and control, the 3000 Series combine the most sophisticated SVS subwoofer technology with trailblazing innovations to take reference subwoofer performance to new lows. All-new 13-inch high-excursion SVS driver with 25 lb. dual toroidal magnet motor generates massive output to energize a room while delivering at the lowest frequencies with authority and control. 800 watts RMS, 2,500+ watts peak power Sledge STA-800D2 amplifier with fully discrete MOSFET output delivers ample current to effortlessly power the driver to max excursion levels and fill a room with pulse-racing bass, while remaining distortion-free.

3000 Micro
Shocking depth and output with audiophile refinement from a micro-sized enclosure.

$ 899.99

  • Driver | Active Dual Opposing 8-inch
  • Amplifier | 800 watts RMS (2500+ watts peak)
  • Freq. Response | 23-240 Hz ±3 dB
  • Dimensions | 10.9” (H) 11.7” (W) 10.7” (D)

$ 899.99

The most awarded SVS subwoofer in history for unrivaled all-around performance.

$ 1,099.99

  • Driver | 13"
  • Amplifier | 800 watts RMS (2500+ watts peak)
  • Freq. Response | 18-270Hz ±3 dB
  • Dimensions | 15.6" (H) 15.2" (W) 17.8" (D)

$ 1,099.99

Breathtaking, room-shaking output to 16Hz with pinpoint control and accuracy.

$ 1,599.99

  • Driver | 13"
  • Amplifier | 800 watts RMS (2500+ watts peak)
  • Freq. Response | 16-260 Hz ±3 dB (standard mode)
    18-260 Hz ±3 dB (sealed mode)
  • Dimensions | 21.9” (H) 18.3” (W) 26” (D)

$ 1,599.99

3000 In-Wall
For the first time ever, an architectural subwoofer delivers on the promise of immersive, cinematic bass without compromise. A feat of inspired engineering, SVS 3000 In-Wall subwoofer is primed for...

$ 1,999.99

  • Driver | Active Front-Firing Dual 9-in
  • Amplifier | 800 watts RMS (2,500+ watts peak)
  • Freq. Response | 22-250 Hz ±3 dB
  • Dimensions | 25” H X 12.01” W X 3.73” D

$ 1,999.99

4000 Series

4000 Series Subwoofers thrill action movie fans and audiophiles alike with massive output and deep bass extension below the threshold of human hearing with an amazing degree of refinement and control. A high-excursion 13.5-inch driver and 1,200 watts RMS, 4,000+ watts peak power amplifier with Analog Devices most advanced audio DSP unlocks a smartphone app control and custom presets for precise and convenient tuning.

Massive, effortless bass with stunning musicality for reference performance.

$ 1,799.99

  • Driver | 13.5"
  • Amplifier | 1200 watts RMS (4000+ watts peak)
  • Freq. Response | 19-310Hz ±3 dB
  • Dimension | 18.3" (H) 17.8" (W) 20.9" (D)

$ 1,799.99

Breathtaking output below 15Hz with pinpoint accuracy for reference performance.

$ 2,299.99

  • Driver | 13.5"
  • Amplifier | 1200 watts RMS (4200 watts peak)
  • Freq. Response | 16-200 Hz ±3 dB (standard mode)
    13-200 Hz ±3 dB (extended mode)
    18-200 Hz ±3 dB (sealed mode)
  • Dimension | 23.4” (H) 20.5” (W) 30” (D)

$ 2,299.99

Deep, effortless, room-filling bass from cylinder cabinet designed to save floorspace.

$ 2,199.99

  • Driver | 13.5"
  • Amplifier | 1200 watts RMS (4000+ watts peak)
  • Freq. Response | 17-200 Hz ±3 dB (standard mode)
    15-200 Hz ±3 dB (extended mode)
    16-200 Hz ±3 dB (sealed mode)
  • Dimension | 47" (H) 16.6" (W) 16.6" (D)
  • Weight | 92.4lbs

$ 2,199.99

16-Ultra Series

Reference SVS subwoofers set the standard for bass with effortless low frequency extension, massive output and pinpoint accuracy and speed in transients. Featuring three game-changing innovations: a robust 16” driver with unprecedented 8” voice coil, 1,500 watts RMS, 5,000+ watts peak amplifier with fully discrete MOSFET output and groundbreaking new SVS smartphone app for convenient DSP and control; the 16-Ultra Series are the ultimate reference standard for bass.

The ultimate sealed subwoofer for the finest home theaters and HiFi systems.

$ 2,299.99

Shipping will resume March 8th.

  • Driver | 16"
  • Amplifier | 1500 watts RMS (5000+ watts peak)
  • Freq. Response | 16-460 Hz ±3dB
  • Dimension | 20" (H) 19.5" (W) 20.1" (D)

$ 2,299.99

The ultimate ported subwoofer for the finest home theaters and HiFi systems.

$ 2,899.99

  • Driver | 16"
  • Amplifier | 1500 watts RMS (5000+ watts peak)
  • Freq. Response | 15-280 Hz +/- 3 dB (standard mode)
    13-280 Hz +/- 3 dB (extended mode)
    14-360 Hz +/- 3 dB (sealed mode)
  • Dimension | 25” H X 21.7” W X 30.9” D

$ 2,899.99


Yes. Subwoofers are often credited as being the most immediately noticeable upgrades you can make to a home theater system. A great powered subwoofer creates low frequency sound (bass) you can feel and enhances the immersive impact of all your music, movies, games, and TV shows in a way no other audio or video component can. To learn more about home subwoofers and their benefits, check out this article: What is a Subwoofer?

Determining which size subwoofer is best for your home theater depends on a few variables. Décor and room integration, listening room size, and desired playback level. Each of these variables influence the selection process of which size subwoofer is best for your application. To learn more about choosing which size subwoofer is best for your home theater, check out this article: Tips for Choosing the Best Home Audio Subwoofer

When it comes to sound quality there are five things to listen for when choosing the best subwoofer: extreme output, low frequency extension, transient speed, frequency response accuracy, and the ability to blend with speakers. If a subwoofer meets your expectations with all of these things, it qualifies as one of the best subwoofers available. Other factors such as décor and room integration, listening room size, and budget are also important factors and influence the selection process when choosing the best subwoofer. To learn more, check out these articles: Tips for Choosing the Best Subwoofer and 5 Things to Listen for When Choosing a Subwoofer

While 8-inch subwoofers may not play as loud or deep as larger subwoofer models, they are compact and can do a lot for a system without take up much floorspace. Often, users will run them in a dual or quad configuration for more even bass response throughout the room. When integrated correctly, they’re capable of delivering breathtaking bass and immersive audio experiences that speakers by themselves simply can’t deliver. To learn more about 8-inch subwoofers, visit this page